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Brotherhood is the basis for which this chapter was founded and refounded. Among all other things that make up the fraternity experience here, brotherhood has always stood a tier above as our number one priority. The people you surround yourself with help shape you as a person, and here at Theta Chi, we know each of the men around us will challenge us to become better tomorrow than we are today. Any given day most of the brothers are doing something together, but as a chapter, we organize one brotherhood event every week. These brotherhood nights range from football watch parties at Buffalo Wild Wings, to casino nights at the house, to dodgeball at the Rec, to going paintballing. We pride ourselves on having the strongest brotherhood on campus.

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"Alma Mater First, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater." The maxim of our fraternity perfectly describes our attitude towards our studies here at Theta Chi. We know that before you are a fraternity man, you are a student. You're in college to learn, and as an organization based around excellence, we only want to help you become better in all departments, one of the most important being your studies. In order to push our brothers academically, we have an in-depth scholarship program. Our fraternity library consists of countless textbooks available to our members at all times to avoid brothers always having to buy the same textbooks and to provide more resources for them. 


Theta Chi’s most sacred fraternal purpose is helping people when they need it most. We believe that caring for and helping another person is the highest expression of manhood and true friendship. By accepting this higher purpose, all brothers have been called to a more noble life. Inspired by our most deeply cherished fraternal value—the assisting hand—the mission of Sacred Purpose is simple: to inspire a better brotherhood and deeper level of mutual caring for one another. With this in mind, we put a strong emphasis on community service and philanthropy within our chapter, as well as health and safety at all Theta Chi events. 

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