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Recruitment at Theta Chi has grown exponentially over the past few years. While we still remain true to our humble beginnings and ensure that we embrace an atmosphere and mentality of "growing a small fraternity," we are constantly seeking to recruit men that seek to uphold our values. While we attempt not to set hard limits on pledge class size, we also maintain a high priority of ensuring that our chapter's brotherhood remains strong. Quality is better than quantity. Our mission is to take young men entering university life and turn them into well rounded, intelligent and inspiring members of their communities. Through a rigorous recruitment process, we make sure that the highest quality men are brought into this chapter, and help them to excel in any and all areas of student life here at the University. We seek to bring in men who are among the most driven at the University of Oregon so that we may help them become better and more successful in their college careers, but also so that they may help us become stronger. We thrive off of quality men who are dedicated to bettering themselves as well as having a good time. If this is something you're interested in, sign up to rush! We look forward to meeting you.


If you would like to affiliate from us as a transfer from another chapter, please contact us so we can arrange for you to speak directly with our chapter president.

A main concern that many men interested in fraternities may have is that they will be hazed during their Pledge process. Here at Theta Chi we maintain and enforce a very strict no hazing policy. You cannot respect someone who has hazed you, and bonds cannot be built without respect for one another. We guarantee that all members of our chapter – both actives and new members – are treated with equality and respect.


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