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Phi Sigma Pi local fraternity, that later became Alpha Sigma Chapter, was officially recognized by the Student Living Committee of the University of Oregon on November 11th, 1920, after articles of incorporation had been filed with the State Corporation Commissioner. A few weeks before the date of the organization six students of the University realizing the advantage of fraternal affiliation proposed the plan to a number of influential non-fraternity men on campus, and sixteen men representing all parts of the Northwest USA became charter members. Two weeks later Phi Sigma Pi took up its residence in a dwelling which it was soon to outgrow. At the outset of the following year, the fraternity moved into its second place of residence. Phi Sigma Pi petitioned Theta Chi for a charter in January, 1925. The charter having been subsequently granted the chapter was officially installed March 6th and 7th of the same year. 

Alpha Sigma October 1927 Rattle (1).jpg


The Alpha Sigma Chapter enjoyed 85 illustrious years as one of the University of Oregon’s top fraternities until its charter was revoked temporarily due to a misconduct issue in 2010. After a short leave of absence, the journey to restarting the chapter began in April of 2015 when past Field Executives Darien Key and Tom Sisco arrived at the University of Oregon to build an interest group. Noah Daniels (2017), who would become the Colony and Chapter President, and Ethan Rivas (2016) were the first two to accept bids. By the end of the month, Alpha Sigma was recolonized with twelve men. In October of 2016, Alpha Sigma were reinstalled as an official chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity once more with a Founding Father class of 52. Since then, we have only grown and improved. We have initiated another 50, and as of Fall 2018, moved back into our newly renovated Chapter House. We are excited for the future here at the Alpha Sigma Chapter. 

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